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20+ Fun Slack Games For Teams to Play (2023)

Slack games

All work and no play makes your team a dull team.

Taking breaks and socializing with co-workers casually could be the boost every one needs to finish the day off strong.

We’ve put together a list of 20 games for all kinds of interest and playstyles. We’re sure at least a few of them will be a hit with your team.


Chess for Slack

Challenge your team to a game of chess, in Slack with ChessBot. The games can be played async and happens all in a Slack channel.


Type /wordsgame and a game is started. Take the random letters in front of you and produce as many words as possible in 60 seconds.

Ice breakers

ice breakers for slack: milk or cereal first?

A classic! Banter serves up the best ice breakers games in Slack for your team to start spontaneous chit chat. Banter is free to try with a 21-day trial.


screenshot of plop

Plop is a simple guessing game with the profile pictures of your team. Plop will show a random teammates profile picture, and you have to guess your teammates name. Don’t worry this is all done as a private DM.

Would you rather?

would you rather sing in front of your team or dance in front of your team?

The team recess app is a suite of games that you can play. Would you rather is a classic game between choosing between two undesirable options.

Caption this

caption this

The team recess app also let’s you play caption this. Get a photo prompt, put your best caption, get votes.

Liar’s Dice

Liar’s dice is a game made for two or more people that involves bluffing and betting with dice until you win everyone’s dice.

Each player gets 5 dice and rolls their “hand” of dice, hiding the results from each other. Players go in order making a claim of how many of a single value they have “three 3’s!”, the next player has two choices, to improve their claim over the previous player, by either value or quantity “four 5’s!” or call liar.

If there’s a liar call, everyone reveals their dice, if the bidder who made the claim was being truthful they win, if the lie accuser exposes a lie, they win. The player who loses has to discard one die.

The last player with dice wins.


Trivia for Slack

Get trivia contests delivered to your team through Slack every week! Water Cooler Trivia is the best trivia app on Slack.

Pokemon Quiz

Pikachu in a suit

For the Pokemon fans on your team, PokeQuiz is a personal quiz bot to test your Pokeknowlege.

Ping pong standings 🏓

Install PlayPlay ping pong tracker and keep a log of all matches played with your team. Who’s the office ping pong goat? 🐐

Rock Paper Scissors

Rock paper scissors for Slack

The simple game that can help teams break ties and make decisions. After installing simply type /rps @mention and you will challenge that person to a rock papers scissors game. Best out of5?


Battleship in Slack

Another classic game that you can install and run on Slack. Play the classic board game entirely in Slack. Get Slack battleship on Github.

Tic Tac Toe

Install Ricotta to play tic tac toe and other games in Slack. I wonder if everyone in your company knows the best tic-tac-toe strategy?


Connect4 for Slack

This one requires installation of a bot that you can find on GitHub, but once you do, you can play Connect4 with any one on your team.


Codenames in Slack

Play Codenames in Slack!

Anybody on your team can type /codenames to launch a game, then the rest of the team chooses sides.

In case you need a refresher on how to play codenames, here’s a quick video refresher.



The classic game is available of Slack! Two ways to play, you can start a game of Hangman manually, start a hangman channel, post the number of letters like so: _ _ _ _ _ _ , get other plays to guess.

If they guess correctly, fill in the word. If they don’t, you upload one part of the hangman, you can download the photos here:

Or! You can install hangman from GitHub.

Decipher the emoji

🙅⌛👋 = no time bye

Someone writes out an emoji phrase and other players have to guess what the phrase is. Emojify is a slack app that will turn any phrase into an emoji phrase.

Random cat facts

When cats slowly blink at you, they're saying I LOVE YOU.

Does your team love cats? If so, install CatFacts and get random facts fed to your team. That’s it, that’s the entire thing.

Caption the meme

Similar to caption this photo, caption the meme deals with memes only. Installed bored, start the game, everyone will be able to caption the meme, then the team votes for the best one.

Create custom quizzes

Use QuickQuiz to draft up your own quiz game with custom answers, pass/fail and deadlines. Get all the inside jokes and references into your own quiz.

See what’s new and fun in Slack

You can always browse Slack’s Social & Fun directory to see what’s new in Slack.

How do I add games to Slack?

You can find most slack games through the Slack App Directory, from there, you need permissions to add apps to your workplace, but once you do, you just need to Add it to slack and follow installation instructions.

What games can you play on Slack?

There’s a good amount of variety of Slack games: chess, trivia, caption that meme and more. There are real time games, asynchronous games, group games and solo games.

How does your team feel about pineapple on Pizza? 🍍 +🍕 = ?

Get conversation starting ice breakers in Slack and build a closer team.

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    Choose the schedule and topics. Banter takes care of the rest. Automated and asynchronous.

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