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Over 50 Farewell memes & gifs to say goodbye in style

Photo by Junseong Lee on Unsplash

Moving on to a different company is always a momentous event for the leaver and the team they left behind. If you know you’re going to struggle to find the words, a picture (or gif) is worth thousands of words right!?

I’ve curated my favourite farewell memes and gifs for you to say sayonara with grace.


For the messaging besties

This should be updated to Slack

Thugs don’t say goodbye

So long partner

I resign!

An old meme, but it checks out

This mug would be a good farewell gift


A little shire sayonara

A grump last day

May the force be with you

Of course there has to be an Office farewell meme

And an Office Space meme

A chaotic farewell

Give me Peter Parker!

You still have to build your personal brand

I hate goodbyes

A straightforward farewell

Live long and prosper

Don’t get Taken


Goodbye by Archer


The Ralph wave

Homer leaves

Grandpa leaves?

Bye Felicia!

For the magicians exit

Bye now

Peace in shades

For the romantic

Get on with it


Later skaters

Have a nice life

For a deep LOST reference

I gotta go

The Disney goodbye

I’m outty

A monster farewell

Feline fine

A mousey farewell


Aaaand I’m out

Keeping it classy

Out the door

Escalator at the beach

Bye, girl


Wave and kiss

Britney waves

Ghibli goodbye

A grizzly farewell

Shutting the door on the past

Stealthy goodbye


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