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The 18 Best Slack Apps for Team Building in 2023

Slack Team Building

As remote work continues to be the norm for many teams, it’s important to find ways to stay connected and foster team building.

Slack apps can be a great way to help teams stay engaged and connected even when they aren’t in the same location.

Here are some the best Slack apps for team building in 2023.


Irresistable ice breakers on slack

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Donut is a fun and easy way to bring remote teams closer together. This Slack app helps teams build relationships by pairing them in virtual coffee chats, lunch meetups, and more. Donut ensures that teams have the opportunity to get to know each other even when they aren’t in the same physical space.


Polly for Slack

Polly is a great tool for teams to get feedback and insights into their work. With Polly, teams can create surveys and polls and send them out to their team members on Slack. This allows teams to get immediate feedback from their team members and make sure that everyone is on the same page.

Simple Poll

Simple Poll Slack

Simple Poll is another option for teams to quickly get feedback from each other. With Simple Poll, teams can create polls, surveys, and questionnaires and send them out via Slack.


Giphy for Slack

Giphy is a fun way to inject some humor into the workspace. This Slack app allows team members to quickly search for and share GIFs with each other. This can help add some lightheartedness to the workspace and help teams bond over shared interests and jokes.

Lunch Train

Lunch Train for Slack

Lunch Train helps teams come together over lunch. This Slack app allows team members to set up virtual lunch dates with each other, helping teams stay connected even when they’re not in the same physical space.


Bored for Slack

Bored is a Slack app that helps teams bond and get to know each other better. It allows team members to share activities and experiences in an engaging way. It offers a wide selection of fun activities and games ranging from trivia to photo challenges, so teams can have a great time while learning more about each other.

Hey Taco

HeyTaco for Slack

HeyTaco is a great way for teams to show appreciation for each other. This Slack app allows team members to send virtual tacos to each other to show appreciation and recognize each other’s hard work.

Birthday Bot

Birthday Bot for Slack

Birthday Bot helps teams come together to celebrate each other’s birthdays. This Slack app sends out reminders for team members’ birthdays and allows team members to celebrate each other’s special days.


Catfacts for Slack

Catfacts is a fun way to inject some humor into the workspace. This Slack app allows teams to share fun cat facts with each other and helps teams bond over a shared love of cats.

Water Cooler Trivia

Water Cooler Trivia for slack

Water Cooler Trivia is a great way for teams to bond over fun trivia. Water Cooler Trivia produces a weekly trivia game where teams can compete and track their leaderboard.


Disco for slack

Disco is combines kudos, pulse surveys and value nominations in one platform.


Kona for Slack

Kona is focused on pulse surveys in Slack, working to prevent burnout and stress before it becomes a huge problem on your team.


Officevibe for slack

Officevibe‘s Slack app is an extension of their overall employee experience platform. Pulse surveys, OKRs, 1:1 meetings and more.


Ricotta for slack

Ricotta allows team members to create and play several team building games. This or that, never have I ever, tic-tac-toe and more.


Nectar for Slack

Nectar is a great way for teams to recognize each other’s hard work. Nectar ties together recognition and rewards, allowing employees to redeem points for real world items.


Awardco for Slack

Awardco is another platform for tying recognition and rewards.


Bonusly for Slack

Bonusly is a great way for teams to show appreciation for each other. This Slack app allows teams to give each other virtual rewards and recognition for their work.

Overall, these 18 Slack apps are great ways to help teams stay connected and build relationships even when they aren’t in the same physical space.

Slack has built an incredible ecosystem of plugins and tools to help teams feel together.

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