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Banter’s biggest feature yet (AI)

Banter AI powered Jokes in Slack

I’m thrilled to announce a transformative step for Banter—we’re evolving into a generative AI company.

We’re bringing humor into your everyday work interactions with our new AI-generated jokes. Simply type “/banter joke” in your Slack channels or DMs, and Banter will immediately serve up a fun, office-friendly joke.

What makes this shift significant? This AI-driven feature marks the dawn of an era where humor is democratized.

No longer do we solely rely on the office jesters for our chuckles—AI can now play that part, changing the dynamics of our workplace interactions.

If you already have Banter installed in Slack, you’ll need to give Banter some new permissions by re-adding to Slack here:

If you don’t have Banter, you can start a new 30-day trial:

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