Build stronger relationships in your remote team

Banter sparks spontaneous group conversations with thoughtful ice breakers that encourage sharing. Choose the schedule and topics. Banter takes care of the rest. It’s all automated and asynchronous.

Teams of all sizes are getting their banter on

New York Presbytarian

A relaxed way to get to know each other better

Not everyone likes real-time. Answer when you want to, read when you don’t. Suitable for both introverts and extroverts.

Installs in a minute

Step 1. Add Banter to Slack

Step 2. Pick a channel, topics and schedule the ice breakers. You can always update these settings. 

Step 3. Icebreakers fire as scheduled, sharing ensues.

Smart Icebreakers 🧠

Quality over quantity. Banter has ice breakers to suit all kinds of people. We’re continuously learning from our prompts and iterating on them.

Safe for work

Work appropriate

No beefs. None of our ice breakers contain sensitive or edgy topics.


Banter isn’t a snoopy bot. We only ask permissions needed to function.

Slack approved

Our app has been approved by Slack and is listed in the Slack app directory.

Strong work relationships = Strong work 💪

Having friends at work is a key factor in engagement and productivity. Banter builds friendships by promoting repeated interactions in a casual setting.

Sarah Scussel

“When our company went remote, we needed to rethink the way we approached team-building and our own culture. Banter has been such an easy and fun way for our team to stay connected and engaged with one another, and Raymond and the support team are first class! I’m so impressed with how simple and effective it’s been to integrate on our team. 10/10 would highly recommend!”

Sarah, Product Designer

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